About Us

The Brand

Water Your Dreams reminds us to take stock of the good times in life and to live in the moment. Good times: like the nights your friends gathered around a bonfire to make s’mores or that time you braved the elements to see your favorite band play (in the rain) at that notorious three-day music festival.

The Water Your Dreams collection is a visual reminder to root your dreams and water them daily by taking steps to fulfill your goals.


The Creation

Water Your Dreams is the end result of having an anxiety-inducing job, using concerts to cope and spending nights crying endlessly. The desire for a better life led to creating a series of quotes and mantras. While diligently searching for a new job in 2018, Kaeyla Willis created a burner (aka anonymous) Instagram account named “In Search of a Happy Place,” where she compiled beautiful images as a source of inspiration. An hour into making Post-it Note sketches, the design of Water Your Dreams was born.

How to Water Your Dreams:

Assess your current situation.
Create a plan of attack.
Believe in yourself.
Water Your Dreams daily and watch them bloom.


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